Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's that little flame that lights a fire under your ass. Purpose it keeps you going strong like a car with a full tank of gas. Everyone else has a purpose so what's mine?

I wish there was a person that would approach you and just say what it is that you are meant to do because this searching is annoying and frustrated. The Disney and Pixar animators were here today giving critiques about our animations. When they critiqued me I Didn't get a very positive reaction. They said I needed to pick a form (3d, 2d, Stopmotion) and work in just that so that I can get the fundumentals of animation. I didn't feel as though they saw anything that they liked or thought was good.
I think it's a little weird for them to tell me to not experiment after all it's my first year hear and this is the time when you should be figuring out what you like to do.
I think they have a point though about picking one thing. I think that has been my problem not just in art and animation but in everything, I'm ok in a lot of things but not great in one of those things.
Anyway it put me in a bit of a down mood that day and loosing my ID didn't help at all releave the stress.
Well coraline is comming out tommorrow. Maybe that will put me in a better mood.
When I have a down day i find this song puts a smile back on my face. I would love to animate this sometime in my life. The energy of the song dipicts such a clear image in my head.


Evan said...

Ahh, Grasshopper. The muses from Disney/Pixar can be perplexing and thought provoking. Quandary can lead to enlightenment which can lead to purpose. Ooobla Dee Ooobla Da!

SirGecko said...

I believe in you!

On and the cats from before are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they're saying you need to choose a lifelong animation category (ie. 2D, 3D, or Stop), but rather that you should work in just one, for now, to gain a comfortable venue in which to hone your generic animation skills. Once you understand how to breath life into the expressions and movements in one category, you can always transfer that knowledge to another category.

Think of it as learning music theory on one instrument, then moving on to learn others. That might be easier than trying to learn music theory on keyboard, strings, winds, brass, and percussion all at the same time.

Just my take on it.

BTW, I like the character designs from the Oliver assignment.

Bosque said...

I am actually in concurrence with anonymous. That is a really good analogy. Of course, it doesn't make picking one any easier. But I do not see you being pigeon holed forever by whichever you choose. If you want to talk about it or anything else, remember to give me a call.

I know you will make it.

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