Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Making a film is a frustrating process. Right now i am in a three way rut of production. I haven't been able to lock down character designs. My script is still to long but i don't know what to cut and I'm still not sure how the hell i'm going to animate it. The only positive step my film seems to have taken over the break is that i got my voice actor secured and have a day which he has agreed to record the narration. I'm not going to say who it is until i got his voice on my computer but he's pretty big. I didn't even imagine i would get him to do it. You can make guesses if you want (my family can't though because they already know). So hopefully this will all go through without a problem (knock on wood). In other news my break is going great so far, I got some pretty cool stuff for christmas and tomorrow i'm going skiing.

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What I wish someone had told me before I came to Calarts

  • Get a coffee maker of some kind
  • For your first year don't worry about making a GREAT film. Just make a film.
  • Sketch
  • Make a portfolio, portfolio
  • Don't pull the "all-nighter" just to pull the "all-nighter"
  • Schedule in Breaks
  • Take an english 101 class
  • To get anything done with administration you need to ask more than three times.

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