Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Festival Time

Getting everything ready this week for festival time. I came up with this for the DVD cover. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Awesome μετά. Πραγματικά απόλαυσα την ανάγνωση θέσεις blog σας.

Anonymous said...

Lovely απότομη θέση. Ποτέ δεν πίστευα ότι ήταν τόσο εύκολη. Μεγάλη δουλειά!

What I wish someone had told me before I came to Calarts

  • Get a coffee maker of some kind
  • For your first year don't worry about making a GREAT film. Just make a film.
  • Sketch
  • Make a portfolio, portfolio
  • Don't pull the "all-nighter" just to pull the "all-nighter"
  • Schedule in Breaks
  • Take an english 101 class
  • To get anything done with administration you need to ask more than three times.

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