Sunday, July 27, 2008


(So i just realized i made this great description of my surgery experience that i never posted so i figure i would post it now. it was never finished but i figure why wast it )
Being sick is bad but voluntarily getting sick is even worse. The whole time your thinking to yourself "Why did i do this willingly?" but than you realize that because all the drugs you were on you would be willing to do anything!
Ok let me back up. For a while i had been trying to get a diagnosis on a sleeping disorder I've been struggling with my whole life. When we went to the stanford sleep clinic we found out that I had both sleep apnea and i needed to get surgery. So my parents signed me up for surgery this past week end. I got surgery on my septum, SPP, removed my tonsils and did something else to me that i can't remember. I've never had surgery before this, and i never realized that you naked under the hospital gown. The worst part is that they have all the ties in the back of the gown so it's the most awkward thing to get on, but you don't want to ask for help to put it on because your naked. Then after your naked you are given an IV. The iv is at a lower temp than your body is so when they finally get it into your vein It makes your whole body feel cold. Then after naked and frozen, you are then approached by many people all asking the same questions: birthdate, Name, the usual stuff. Then your best friend comes in, The anesthesia guy. He tells you how your going to feel a burning sensation up your arm and then you feel this, than this, and blah blah blah. Really it doesn't matter what he said because you'll be out so fast you wont have time to feel it. I think the hardest part about the whole thing was the time between the surgery and getting to my room. During that time your kinda half awake half out of it and you gotta race like a pee horse. But you aren't aloud to go to the bathroom because of the drugs your on. So they hand you a jar! I don't know if it is the people around you, the anesthesia or the fact that you are trying to pee in a jar but you can't pee, try as hard as you may you can not pee. After two hours every ten minutes they would tell me I was going to go to my room soon. After about a hour i finally got there.

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Evan said...

"Race like a pee horse" is going to be a classic, someday. I can't wait for an opportunity to use that at my next cocktail party!

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