Thursday, January 29, 2009

One big update

So this post will have a lot in it...hopefully it will be interesting.

Someone once told me that the photographers of National Geographic are the ones who write the articles... and that is why the National Geographic has great photos but sucky articles. I think my blog suffers from a similar fate. See I can post all of these photos and art work to let you know about my experiences at CalArts, but the minute I try and explain anything it just turns into to me pointing out stuff in the photos. Today I just realised I have 12 people following this blog some of whom are people I don't know. I'm not really a reporter of events here, so why do people I don't know look at this blog? That is not a rhetorical question. I would really like to know. LEAVE ME A COMMENT.

Anyway so here are a bunch of my life drawings. I haven't updated these in a while so there are some from last week and the week before that here as well.

We are in the middle of a two-part character design lecture by character designers Shane Prigmore and Shannon Tindle (don't ask me which one is which). They just finished working on Coraline. The first lecture was great and they gave a lot of good advice on character design and just design in general. Like they gave us an example of were someone actually designed characters for the different instruments in this song:

It was really cool and they gave us an assignment to do. Design Oliver, Fagin, and Dodger based off the descriptions in the book Oliver Twist. I already did my designs and I'll be sure to post them after part two of the lecture.

On another note Dead Man's Bones was here looking for people to collaborate on a music video. Dead Man's Bones is a new band but you may recognize their front man from the Notebook. That's right. That is Ryan Gosling. I gave them my info and told them I would love to work on a team project. Here is one of their songs.

Oh yeah and I know I didn't talk much about turning in portfolios but I turned mine in on Monday and already Dan Hanson, Corney Cole, and Jon Gomez have all said they really liked it.


SirGecko said...

So were they just hanging around on campus or did they go through the school to elicit yous guys help? If anything comes of that you should post of course.

Oh and could you describe more what this portfolio is? What did you include? What is it for? What feedback did you get?

Keep up the good work!

yebkamin said...

They came and had a meeting with us all. I actually got an email from them and i told them i would like to work with a group.

KateKO said...

I watch your blog because I would love to attend CalArts, and you keep a really amazing record of what sort of things happen at the school. I've learned a lot about how things might go if I went there. I live in the mid-Atlantic US, so it's like a window into a great animation school. I also really like looking at all the artwork. :]

yebkamin said...

Thanks kate! i couldn't figure out were to leave comments on your blog but i will say that i think Jon Gomez will really like your scrap book aproach, the only thing that could come back and bite you are the lack of gesture drawings and possibly the amount. but it looks pretty cool. good luck

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