Saturday, October 4, 2008

Two of the same thing and guest speakers.

So for leo hibachi's color and design we were supposed to make a cd cover that is somehow inspired from our finger print. I missed the instruction about only use one color. So now i have two! so tell me your opinion witch one do you like more.


Oh and thank you natalie for providing the refrence for the cd cover

I also have finished my can animation for Mike Nguyen's class. The assignment was to have a cylinder jump. I chose to do stop motion.


Evan said...

I like B. Nice can.

Evan said...

Guest speaker????

SirGecko said...

I love B. Definitely b.

Also, awesome stop motion animation!

Evan said...

i like B as well. Cool animation - whose hand is that anyway?

Evan said...

I like B. And the animation is awesome - but whose hand is it -


yebkamin said...

that is my hand and who else is using your account to post comments dad? If other people use it they should do what mom did and sign there name after the comment other wise it looks like you just really like B.

James said...

I like B, and that's a really cool stop-motion animation.

SirGecko said...

Why are we voting anyway?

Captain Ahab. said...

B is by far superior. Then again I'm biased because I love anything that has sparse color and all that graphic black.

I'm loving your choice with stop-motion thats pretty awesome! How many cans did you need to finish it? 4?

Bosque said...


A looks good, but B looks like something I would buy. I am not sure how I feel about the text (that might be something you could pay a little more attention to in the future) but the graphic is OUTSTANDING. And after all, that is the important part.

Also, neat little animation. I approve.

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