Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Here I stand, victorious in my dorm room at my new school, Calarts! All the hard work: preparing a portfolio, rearranging my school schedule and drawing have all paid off finally. Now i look forward to four more years to do it all over again! 
First things first, do I need to clean my ears out or have i finally met people who mumble more than i do? I think it's probably both but I have never said "what" so many times in my life. 
I think i should go in chronological order.
We got into the dorms and i was the first one there. Dad (the engineer) detected a waist of space in the room and decided to call mom (the non engineer). Mom had this great idea for the set up (seen above) and so we moved furniture. Turns out our idea was so good other dorms came in to copy down the floor plan. 
My Roommates name is Bryan and he has the coolest stuff ever! Those pixar posters and R2-D2 unit you see in the corner, all his! 

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What I wish someone had told me before I came to Calarts

  • Get a coffee maker of some kind
  • For your first year don't worry about making a GREAT film. Just make a film.
  • Sketch
  • Make a portfolio, portfolio
  • Don't pull the "all-nighter" just to pull the "all-nighter"
  • Schedule in Breaks
  • Take an english 101 class
  • To get anything done with administration you need to ask more than three times.

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