Monday, September 15, 2008

It seems my cube is lacking in decorations... let's see what everyone else has done to theirs!

This guy decided to use his collection of action figures for decoration-- Is that communist superman and vampire batman i see?

Oh looks like Bryan and nelson are hard at work... lets not bug them...

Ah this cube has gone with a custom paint job we like to call the "splatter"

thats a cool clock and look at those animals!

And check out his cool action figures!

Uh oh looks like we've upset Skyler lets get out of here

This guy has gone with a "wandering artist" look

Check out these cubes:
 Elle thinks cars is the best movie ever, really!
Man this is cool!

Hey look what ashley has painted on her walls

This all has got me feeling inspired lets go back and work on my cube!

Just look what some scissors and glue can do! Ok not a lot but it's a start! Say i think my sketch book could use a makeover too.

That looks better!


Evan said...

Now that is one cool narrative.

Carlos Romero said...

Yeah, great post. I wish my cube had pizazz...

What I wish someone had told me before I came to Calarts

  • Get a coffee maker of some kind
  • For your first year don't worry about making a GREAT film. Just make a film.
  • Sketch
  • Make a portfolio, portfolio
  • Don't pull the "all-nighter" just to pull the "all-nighter"
  • Schedule in Breaks
  • Take an english 101 class
  • To get anything done with administration you need to ask more than three times.

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