Friday, September 5, 2008

Thursday was not as stress full as i thought

Do summer classes before you go. Not only does it lighten your load of classes your freshman year but it also lets you skip through the madhouse that is signing up for classes.

I was stressing out about yesterday but it turns out i was stressing over nothing. Wednesday's meeting they threw a bunch of info at us that kinda scared me. I had to finish my special services stuff and sign up for classes but my credits from the summer were still in the air about wether they would take or not. REMEMBER The staff are here for you! Talk to them! i spoke to  one of the animation faculty and she said she would help me in clarifying with the office about my credit issues. It was a huge help. 

last night there was a party for animators at some guys apartment but we all decided to see the producers show instead.  The films were great and we felt so inspired after we decided to go into Mahoney's class room and draw like mad men. 

PS napkin Art is the best idea ever (more info sometime soon)

Oh yeah, "Happy Birthday DAD!!"

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Evan said...

I really like the pictorial nature of your blog. I think it really adds to the text. Keep the pictures coming.

What I wish someone had told me before I came to Calarts

  • Get a coffee maker of some kind
  • For your first year don't worry about making a GREAT film. Just make a film.
  • Sketch
  • Make a portfolio, portfolio
  • Don't pull the "all-nighter" just to pull the "all-nighter"
  • Schedule in Breaks
  • Take an english 101 class
  • To get anything done with administration you need to ask more than three times.

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